What they’re saying

  • Rob Richardson

    Rob Richardson

    “It’s the only lamb we chose to work with”

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  • Justin Scheihing

    Justin Scheihing

    “the best lamb that I have ever used or eaten”

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  • Janine Goldsmith

    Janine Goldsmith

    “Tender, sweet and delicious”

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  • MacLean Fraser

    MacLean Fraser

    “The results are a superior dish”

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  • Roland Dale

    Roland Dale

    “Roland says it is by far the best meat he has ever cooked”

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  • Mediterranean Market

    Mediterranean Market

    The quality of Leelands Lamb is exceptional

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Rob Richardson,
Chef at Molten Restaurant
Auckland, New Zealand

“Having eaten Leelands Farm lamb every working day for the best part of two years, I think I’m well placed to comment on its quality – and that quality is superb! A beautifully sweet, true lamb flavour. Its the only lamb we choose to work with”.

Justin Scheihing,
Chef at Miro Vineyard and Casita Miro
Waiheke Island, New Zealand

“I have worked in restaurants for the past 17 years in two different countries and I can honestly say that Leelands is the best lamb that I have ever used or eaten.”

We started using the products about a year and a half ago and since then have won a number of awards including metro top 50 restaurants in auckland, best rural restaurant, a lamb and beef NZ award and a ambassador ship for NZ beef and lamb.  All the reviewers and judges comment on the lamb dishes and the lamb and fig tajine has been the center of several articles and reviews.

The other thing that stands out for me is the customer service, it is a pleasure to speak directly with the owner every week to place orders as well as getting information on what is going on with the animals we are using, the deliveries are always dependable and arrive on time.  Leelands is the only lamb that we serve and will serve in our restaurant.”


Janine Goldsmith,
Bream Bay
Ruakaka, New Zealand

“Thank you Leelands for the decision to market your fabulous product on line.

We live rurally and farm only beef. Being able to source quality lamb to complement my home grown vegetables and free range eggs was an opportunity not to be missed.

As soon as I read your advertisement I placed my order, it arrived within days and we were very impressed. Tender, sweet and delicious, I will definitely be placing more orders in the future.”

MacLean Fraser,
Head Chef
Dockside, Wellington

“I first started using Leelands lamb over 2 years ago and have been highly impressed with the quality, consistency and range of cuts they offer.

As a chef it is very important to me to know where my product comes from and it is a pleasure to be able to work with a producer directly and know that there is as much care and and passion involved in the rearing of our lamb as we have in the kitchen when preparing and cooking it. The results are a superior dish able to be passed on to our guests in the restaurant.”

Roland Dale,
Chef at Stonyridge Vineyard
Waiheke Island, New Zealand

New Zealand’s Stonyridge buys Leelands farmed lamb Roland says it is by far the best he has ever cooked, “It is beautiful meat and it’s obvious that the animals are reared well.”  With customers dining at the restuarant from all over the world he is constantly recieving positve feedback on the quality of this Lamb. Roland encourages the cook “keep it simple and make the hero of the dish count”.

Mediterranean Market
Queenstown, New Zealand

We have been selling Leelands lamb for over 5 years at our gourmet supermarket, butchery and deli in Queenstown and it continues to be the customer’s favourite and our best selling butchery item.

The quality of Leelands Lamb is exceptional, their service consistently good and we would highly recommend to anyone wishing to enjoy the taste of export quality New Zealand lamb.

Mediterranean Market