Leelands Meets Shared Kitchen

We have always loved the casual and relaxed vibe of Waiheke Island – this place is home to people who know good food, and prioritise the art of eating – in other words, our kind of people! During one of our trips to this stunning part of our country, we had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous Julie Biuso, the brains and taste buds behind the blog Shared Kitchen.

Shared Kitchen is outlet for Julie’s culinary creativity, and alongside her daughter Ilaria, focuses on cooking real food, using top notch ingredients, from scratch. Regular readers of our newsletter will know I have often turned to Julie’s pages for inspiration, so meeting her in the flesh was a bit of a chef-crush moment for me! After a few conversations during tastings on Waiheke, and eventually a cheeky vino, we plucked up the courage to chat to Julie about our idea for a joint venture, and were thrilled to bits to find that not only was she a similarly minded food enthusiast, she believed in what we were doing and was keen to come on board as part of the Leelands story.

Julie has developed a series of recipes for us, which you can find over on our Recipes page, and you can read more about our collaboration over at Shared Kitchen.

Happy cooking!

From Our Table to Yours

Among all the other frantic things to tick off the list at this time of year – Christmas shopping, catching up for that drink we’ve been trying to organise ALL year, topping the paddocks to store away that lush spring grass for the winter ahead – one thing we really enjoy is sitting down to the latest seasonal editions of our favourite foodie mags and figuring out what’s going to be served up on the big day. We’ve managed to breed 3 food-loving daughters so these days this process usually involves a few phone calls or rounds of the family message thread with screen shots of the latest inspiration. read more

Making Headlines!

We were thrilled to discover we’ve been making headlines on Stuff today, with thanks to one of our long time supporters Molten in Auckland. Sven and the team at Molten have been with us almost since the beginning, so when we got a call asking where he could gets his hands on one of our Topside Mini Roasts for a taste test, we were only too happy to oblige.  read more

Slow and steady

Despite Southland being the butt of weather-related jokes from much of the country, there is a lot to love about winter in this part of the world. We are being treated on the farm at the moment to some terrifying temperatures (-10degree frost, anyone?!), but what follows are often the most glorious blue sky days. As kids on the farm, these were the days you hoped for – when your gummies would leave marks in the frost, and you could see your breath almost before you got out the door. read more

Hello world!

It’s hard to believe our website has been up and running for 2 years now. This dream of ours started out from a desire to shake things up a little in the meat market. For such a long time, New Zealanders thought of lamb as something to be eaten on a Sunday, with hours of prep required and the requisite side of roast veg. It was expensive and inaccessible for most cooks looking to eat well midweek. And worst of all, all the best stuff got shipped off overseas, while Kiwi connoisseurs were left with the second best options staring out at them from the meat section at their local supermarket.  read more