Making Headlines!

We were thrilled to discover we’ve been making headlines on Stuff today, with thanks to one of our long time supporters Molten in Auckland. Sven and the team at Molten have been with us almost since the beginning, so when we got a call asking where he could gets his hands on one of our Topside Mini Roasts for a taste test, we were only too happy to oblige. 

The story (you can read it here) outlines one of the principles that got us started on this journey in the first place – the idea that too many New Zealanders can’t access the very best produce this country as to offer, as it’s often shipped offshore in search of a greater profit margin. This seems crazy to us, and we wanted to make sure you could get that kind of quality at home every day of the week, at a price that is manageable for everyday kiwis.

We think we have one of the best quality products in Australasia, and it seems we’re not alone…to discover that 10 out of 11 people in Stuff’s blind taste test could tell the difference and picked Leelands over the best lamb on offer across the Tasman…well, we’re proud as punch.