Hello world!

It’s hard to believe our website has been up and running for 2 years now. This dream of ours started out from a desire to shake things up a little in the meat market. For such a long time, New Zealanders thought of lamb as something to be eaten on a Sunday, with hours of prep required and the requisite side of roast veg. It was expensive and inaccessible for most cooks looking to eat well midweek. And worst of all, all the best stuff got shipped off overseas, while Kiwi connoisseurs were left with the second best options staring out at them from the meat section at their local supermarket. 

We wanted all of you, not just those of us with a farm in the back yard, to be able to enjoy export quality, naturally aged lamb, all year round. We wanted you to be able to access it wherever you were in the country. More than that, we wanted to provide you with diversity – with options that went beyond the standard bone-in leg roast most of us grew up with.

Hence, Leelands was born!

It’s been a huge learning curve for us taking our business to the world wide web, with words like gigabytes and site links being new territory for a foodie and and a farmer at the bottom of the world. We are very excited to be able to add a new word to the e-dictionary this week – ‘blog’! We look forward to bringing you more of our story, tastes from our kitchen, and  news from the farm via this blog, so stay tuned.