From Our Table to Yours

Among all the other frantic things to tick off the list at this time of year – Christmas shopping, catching up for that drink we’ve been trying to organise ALL year, topping the paddocks to store away that lush spring grass for the winter ahead – one thing we really enjoy is sitting down to the latest seasonal editions of our favourite foodie mags and figuring out what’s going to be served up on the big day. We’ve managed to breed 3 food-loving daughters so these days this process usually involves a few phone calls or rounds of the family message thread with screen shots of the latest inspiration.

This year we’ll be trying a boned out leg with an interesting spice combination thanks to Cuisine magazine – you can check it out over on our recipe page. This would be brilliant with a danish leg, or the tunnel boned leg, though this cut doesn’t have the shank left on as pictured in the original recipe. You could also use a bone in leg, and make the stuffing separately. Bill will be in charge of carving, which usually features the obligatory ‘carver’s privilege’ first taste, and we’ll sit at the table picking at leftovers long after our bellies are full.

Of course, Christmas, and the simple act of gathering around a table, is about so much more than the food being served. For us it’s all about family. Though that seems cliched, as we grow more silver by the year, and our little brood starts expanding as the next generation arrives, we are increasingly relishing any opportunity to sit back and just enjoy being in each other’s company. This year will be a particularly special one as we’re off to Wellington for our first Christmas with the latest addition to the Leelands dynasty, our 8 month old grandson Henry. We’ll be slipping him a few tasty morsels of lamb to gnaw on, and if Bill has his way, smuggling him down to the local dairy for a lick or two of ice cream.

May you find peace and contentment (and maybe a cut or two of Honest New Zealand lamb) around the table this year.

From our table to yours, a very Merry Christmas.